Adventure awaits!

Conquering new heights, jumping into nets, hoops, obstacles and ziplines – this is Valgeranna Adventure Park!


Open in June

Mon-Sun 10.00-19.00, trails will close at 21.00

Active day in nature!

Overcoming new heights, memorable emotions and fresh sea air - if you want to have fun alone, with family or friends, come to Valgeranna Adventure Park!



At Valgeranna Adventure Park, we think that people are different and we understand that. One loves heights a lot, another a little, and the third doesn’t want to climb a tree at all. As a result, the adventure trails are of different heights and levels of difficulty: 1-13m high and from easy to difficult. On-site activities include discgolf and hiking on nearby hiking trails.

Adventure with a group


Celebrate your birthday in Valgeranna. Near Pärnu, exciting, turning and long slides come together. There are 6 high tracks waiting to be conquered, and the little ones will enjoy the joy of discovery on the low tracks of the kids park.

Bachelorette party

Adventure in the treetops for the ones to be wed!
Complete all the trails with your group or cheer from the ground as the bachelor/bachelorette makes his/her way through the trails. 

Everything you need for a pleasant time with colleagues can be found in Valgeranna – adventurous activities with the team, sea and sandy beach, cozy accommodation and tasty catering. Valgerand is waiting!


Valgeranna  Seikluspark

Kids park

Age means nothing, smile says everything! For the little ones, shorter than 115 cm, we have a special kids park where children can enjoy various

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Valgeranna Seikluspark Valgeranna Adventure park

Come by bike!

Rent a bike and take a  ride from Pärnu city center to Valgeranna! Here you can enjoy the beach and have an adventure up in

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