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Flying from Helsinki to Pärnu? Have an adventure!


Flying to Pärnu? Have an adventure!

We invite all airplane passengers to come and seek adventures with family or friends at Valgeranna Adventure Park. Boarding pass gives 20% discount on adventure park tickets!

Located just 9 km from Pärnu in a beautiful pine forest on the shore of a white sandy beach. You can venture the trails in tree tops, discover yourself and companions in exhilarating situations!

Discount is valid 05.05.2022-21.08.2022 for Pärnu-Helsinki and Helsinki-Pärnu Nyxair boarding pass. Multiple discounts do not apply.

Valgeranna Adventure Park has a total of 6 trails.

Each trail reaches new heights and you’ll gradually pass through more difficult obstacles. All trails are rewarded in the end with a speedy descent on a zip-line. Highest trails are 10 and 12 meters high running alongside the beach, offering great views to the sea.

Kids park

Kids, shorter than 115 cm, can enjoy various attractions just like grown ups do. There is a kids park with 2 trails, which are suitable for 2-7 year olds. Adults can help their little ones, if necessary.

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Let’s Adventure in Valgeranna!
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