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What others say


Fun for all

  • “This adventure park provides so much fun and tests the fitness of the entire family. Located on the shore and highly recommended.”  Visited August 2016

Great for adults, too!

  • “Do not think this is only for families; also adults with adventurous minds will enjoy it! The last tract will give challenge for thougher guys and girls. Obstacles felt safe and were well planned. All the staff were really nice. The views from tracts to beach and sea is really breath taking. Highly recommend this place! We went outside holiday season, so we enjoyed quite park and cheaper price.”  Visited April 2014

A must place to visit

  • “A really nice park just by Valgeranna’s beach. We had 2 and 4 years old kids with us and they loved the place. The park had different levels of races for all ages. Really the place to visit when in Pärnu. If you’re not that into climbing you can just spend your time on the beautiful Valgeranna beach.”  Visited August 2016

Good fun, kids love this and adventurous grown ups too

  • “Kids had a wonderful time up in the trees. An excellent way to spend a not-perfect beach weather or to spend a few hours and then go to the nearby beach. The best way is to bring your own food, as the beach restaurant has very limited options. Water, soft drinks and icecream are readily available at the Adventure Park kiosk. Otherwise – a wonderful way to spend a cloudy day. Our kids love this.”  Visited July 2014

Even a retiree enjoyed it

  • “We were a family of five, with ages from 63 down to 8 years old. Surprisingly, even my aunt, an old retiree, enjoyed it!”  Visited July 2016


  • “The park has 6 trails. Every trail goes higher and higher. First 4 are quite easy, but starting from the fifth the height is putting additional pressure to your nerves:) if after the 5th trail you feel tired if is better to skip the 6th, as the last one requires very good arms. Do not forget gloves. If you do not have them – you can buy them at spot. Long trousers/leggings will be preferable.”  Visited August 2016
  • “Kids absolutely love this”
  • “A good place to go with a group during summer. Different levels, each unique in their own way. Even low levels for those who are afraid of hights.”
  • I’m not great with heights but looking at the adult area, it looked impressive and you’d get your money worth i’m sure! Recommend to those who love to climb!”
  • Great experience! Friendly and instructive staff. Did the three first courses with two children, 8 & 10 – the both loved it.